.WATCH is a website launched by the Skowhegan Alliance in Spring of 2016. 

The site functions as an online archive of videos by Skowhegan alumni. New works are accumulated through trimonthly solicitations which remove a large portion of the curatorial hand. For the first five solicitations, artists are invited based on the last number of their Skowhegan summer year. 

Videos on .WATCH are embedded with permission from the artists who retain control over the links submitted. As such, .WATCH cannot guarantee that the works will remain constant, that the information listed will be accurate, nor even that they will continue to be visible. 

.WATCH is growing and evolving. We hope to feature more videos, as well as explore web-based projects as we see how the site functions. 


Special thanks to the Skowhegan Online Video Committee: Claudia Bitran, Sarah Mattes, Birgit Rathsmann and especially Gregory Kalliche. 

For questions or technical issues, please contact Paige Laino at